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Why do you think marketing is good for your business? Have you ever thought why your favorite burger chain, pizza parlor, make up brand or, department store are making waves and headlines and are known not only for their brands but also their tag lines? That is the product and handiwork of marketing and factual strategy.

There are a thousand and one strategies to capture and influence your market’s emotion, mood and imagination. The ideal marketing is not all that picture-perfect, glamorous images you find in big billboards, standing tall in highways but that “one” that has the core of the emotion and the – heart.

The emotion in your advertisement that you are selling to the people may have negative or positive influence. A huge contributor in the consequence of your business branding as it can make or break your company.

Many businesses failed because of bad, appalling or disastrous marketing strategy. When you consider of marketing your business, the first thing that you would consider is the kind of strategy and then – expenses. You don’t have to break your wallet or bank account.
Since we are now in the era of technology, internet and social media, we will use this powerful platform to spread the word. Entrepreneur Made Easy’s marketing services is an all-in-one package but yet so affordable.

How it goes:

  •   We create a blueprint and develop strategy for your online business.
  •   Ranking your business in all major search engines using SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing) techniques.
  •   We analyze and audit your website and propose strategies based on the results.
  •   We plan strategy to drive traffic and to engage with possible customers and your clients.
  •   We will assist you in building your business using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest to name a few.

You have to remember that not all marketing strategy can work wonders for your business. An advantageous marketing is planned carefully according to its business goal, market and customers. If one marketing strategy worked for a competitor, that doesn’t mean it will for your business too even if you sell the same product and or service.

Big companies with huge budget for the marketing campaign have their fair shares and make very bad decision leading to failed marketing. Why is that so?

Examples of product advertisement flop and have gone viral.

  •   Ben-Gay cream is great for topically relieving aches and pains. But the idea of swallowing Ben-Gay? Not so appealing. That was the problem the company faced when they tried to launch an aspirin. Their first brand extension, Ultra-Strength Ben-Gay, was essentially the same product as the original and was very successful. The aspirin? Not so much. (source: dailyfinance).
  •   In 2009, Evian created a commercial that has been spreading rapidly across the internet. These babies roller skating are really amazing, hilarious and not to mention very adorable. Though we know for a fact that these skating babies are the product of technology and not really the ones skating, but why you think it has gone viral?

Entrepreneur Made Easy employs only qualified, seasoned and expert in their field virtual assistants who have been in the business for years.

Advanced search engine optimization (SEO) plan

Starts at $200 a month, with a lock-in period of 6 month

Lock-in period guaranteesproper search engine crawling and indexing, and to allow the SEO personnel to fine-tune the website to achieve better organic search engine positioning. The client is responsible for providing the SEO team relevant information about the business, including but not limited to, products or services the business provides and service locations.

The package includes the following:

  • Website analysis – The SEO specialists will analyze the website structure, internal and external linking, web page hierarchy, and notes the technical requirements and fixes them to facilitate search engine crawling.
  • Advanced keyword research – A list of potential keyword phrases will be presented for approval by the client. Once approved, the SEO team will pour their best efforts to rank at least 5 keyword phrases (for 5 optimized pages on the website) on the first page of search results. The SEO team will assign said keyword phrases to optimize a specific page to help increase relevance value on search engines.
  • Metadata optimization and on-page content writing
  • URL re-writing
  • Fix canonical issues and implement 301 redirects, as necessary
  • img alt tag optimization
  • Google Analytics basic setup and manual site submission to major search engines
  • Google Plus business verification
  • Monthly website ranking and traffic reporting
  • Provide suggestions to the client to further improve search engine marketing campaign

Advanced SEO + social media plan

Starts at $350 a month, with a lock-in period of 6 months

This plan has the best of both search engines and social networking sites. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is great for developing your brand on the Web as well as getting targeted traffic to your website. Aside from the tasks provided in Advanced SEO, as stated above, social media comes with the following:

  • Creation of accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest – client may also provide their log-ins especially when there is already an official account previously created. Please note that one official page gains better authority than multiple social media pages/accounts. New fan page creation is the best option when the existing Facebook fan page is spammed or having too many negative reviews and the client chose to start anew.
  • Wall posting – depending on the agreement, the SMO team can provide 2 wall posts on different social networking accounts per day. The SMO team determines the content to be posted to help increase potential for virility and tailored content for the client’s target audience.
  • Implement fan gating through iframe app creation
  • Fan building and count monitoring and monthly reporting
  • Provide suggestions to the client to further improve social media marketing campaign

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